IKEA Pay Tribute To The Shining In This Creepy Commercial

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Clever tactic from IKEA Singapore for releasing this haunting Hollywood Blockbuster “The Shining” inspired commercial just before Halloween. The ad has been created by BBH Asia Pacific and is set in an IKEA showroom. The commercial is promoting the fact that IKEA is open for late night shopping until 11pm!


This Pop-Up Restaurant Lets You Pay With Liquid Money


I don’t think pop-up restaurants can ever be overdone. Its a really good way for restauranteurs to suss out a given market and then close shop when they feel fit without the tagline of failure. Pop-ups have also been used a lot by brands for experiential purposes. One of the best recent pop-ups was by LIDL Ireland who created a Secret Garden Restaurant Pop-up all in the name of charity and was revealed in a spectacular fashion on the closing night (see video below). Its an exciting time for marketing as brand adapt new ways of engaging with consumers. The latest


Tinder About To Let You Pay To Get Better Matches

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As most of you single readers will know by now Tinder is the default way for people to meet dates these days in cities around the world. Unlike the first wave of dating sites Tinder has always been free but in November they’ll be rolling out their first paid features. In the interview below CEO and founder Sean Rad talks about a couple of features they’ll be rolling out that they’ll charge users for. Although he doesn’t give them away implicitly it is clear they’ll be around travel and broadening the way in which you can find matches. Tinder has


Frozen Poo Pills Fight Life-Threatening Diseases

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No its not a typo. Yes the title reads: Frozen Poo Pills Fight Life-Threatening Diseases. Many of us would squirm at the thought of swallowing a poo pill but imagine if you had the world’s worst diarrhoea that was so bad ended up in hospital?! There’s a lot of science behind this. Let me explain.


18 Super Geeky Ideas For Halloween Costumes This Year


Only about 10 days to go now before the big day where everybody gets dressed up and drinks themselves stupid all in the name of Halloween. Competition seems to be getting stuffer each year with the outfits so we decided to focus in on geeky / nerdy costumes that people have created and give you a bit of inspiration. Go on and knock yourself out!! 1.This one wouldn’t be that hard to make and everybody uses Google maps so they’d know what you are straight away Via 2.Not really sure what is happening to Chatroulette these days but this is


This Kawasaki Bike Has An Insane 300 Horse Power


You don’t have to be a huge petrol head or that into bikes to understand that this new machine from Kawasaki is a serious piece of work. The Ninja H2R has an incredible 300 horse power but the best feature is that it has a supercharger which is designed by the same team internally who built jet engines. Sweet mother of jesus!!! Unfortunately they are saying the bike is for the track only at the moment which is probably a good thing given the speeds this will be doing. The Video It tells you how excited people are by this


The Beer Storage Protect That Changes Everything

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Storing bottles of beer or soft drinks in a fridge is always a pain in the ass but a super new concept from an entrepreneur on Kickstarter looks like it could change the game. It uses magnets to pull the bottles to the top of the fridge freeing up valuable space for everything else you need to store in there. It is well funded so this will be coming to market soon. We love it.    


Offensive Or Impressive- 11 Of The Weirdest House Designs Ever

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There are some wonderfully stunning examples of modern architecture that we probably take for granted that surrounds us everyday. There are millions of homes across the globe, some generic, some small, some ridiculously large and then along comes a home owned by someone who clearly let their architect’s imagination run wild to create a jaw-dropping design. Offensive or impressive, here are the weirdest house designs ever:


Here Is What Flying On North Korean Airline Looks Like


You wouldn’t expect an airline in North Korea to win any awards when it comes to modernity and these pictures from DPRK360 show that the stereotype you had in your head was probably pretty accurate. They have a bunch on their Facebook page from a recent trip that saw them board the Russian jet that clearly hasn’t had much cosmetic work done in the last couple of decades. Although the airline has the worst safety record in the world you’ll be glad to hear they made it there safely and what was most surprising is that they reported that the


A Tour Around A $25,000 Per Night Penthouse

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Have you ever wondered how the other half live? Well this short video is going to make you cry when you think of scrambling together to pay the rent at the end of the month because a night in this New York Penthouse will set you back $25,000 per night. On the upside it does come with your own personal Macbach