17 Guys Failing Epically On Tinder Who Shall Remain Matchless For Eternity

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You get all sorts of folks on Tinder and although you always have the option of quickly swiping them into oblivion we decided to share some of the worst ones we could find. If anything it will help put you at ease that your own photos aren’t that bad! Insane to think that people would ever get up to these things even if there is a chance that some of them are just clearly having a laugh! This guy who has to be the only person in the world who think he’ll get a date by showing potential matches that


Man Shares His Morning Views From A Tent – They Are Incredible

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Russian photographer Oleg Gigoryev spends a lot of his spare time hiking around the Fann Mountains of Tajikstan and when doing so he decided to start a new project where he’d take a photo from his own view every single morning. The result is absolutely breathtaking. The pictures are taken in mountains that reach up to 5.5km above sea level. Looking at these make us want to escape our own cold dreary grey streets at times. Incredible


Go Pro Win The Internet With Their New 4K Video

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Go Pro have always been pretty good at the old Youtube videos but they’ve only gone and smashed it out of the part with their new release to celebrate the launch of their 4K camera. The footage, music and variety within the story are mind blowing and its so hard to believe it comes from a device this small. Go Pro don’t sell cameras anymore they sell dreams…


Extraocular Implants AKA Eyeball Jewellery Is Now A Thing

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Extraocular implants are now a fashion trend. Yes you heard us right, people are actually paying to cosmetic surgery to have tiny decorative jewels implanted within the superficial inerpalpebral conjunctiva of the human eye. In other words, crazy people are actually going to these lengths to have art in their eyeballs all in the name of fashion. But where did this bizarre concept come from? The Netherlands, by the Netherland’s Institute for Innovative Ocular Surgery (NIOS) in 2002 as a new form of body modification. The jewels inserted are made with platinum alloy and are cut into various shapes. The


25 Of The Most Epic Work Desks That Will Make Your Own Space Look Inadequate

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Many of us spend about 40-60 hours per week at our desks but they are often just simple wooden structures with little thought put into them and very little thought about good design or extra practicality. We decided we’d find some of the best desks in the world and with any luck you might be able to convince the boss to let you work in style with one of these 25 bad boys… 1.This little studio desk that reminds us of an Apple product and has the perfect system for tidying away all those wires and other clutter that builds


There’s an App for That… Avoiding Drunken One Night Stands

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We normally cover stuff that we think has a reasonable chance of being a success but today we wanted to share something so bad that it is absolutely laughable. Looking at this new tech product and realising they have funding makes us believe we could indeed be living in a tech bubble. So the pitch is that it is an app that helps you not have any sexual regrets, not sleep with people when too drunk and also prevent sexual harassement. Now those are very noble problems to be trying to tackle and they are very real but having an


Is This German Running Bike Horrendous Or Superb?

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A bunch of Germans have come up with this new product that looks something like a traditional bike but instead has you suspended in a harness and running along the ground instead of using peddles. We’ve been looking at it for hours and still can’t figure out if it is a brilliant new invention that will change the world or a load of rubbish that nobody wants or needs. The guys at Fitz talk more about it here. Wouldn’t like to be the first one of your mates to have this one although it would be fun to see their


Diesel Launch “Help Hipsters” Campaign

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Diesel have launched a new campaign in Spain that pokes fun of some of the biggest trends at the moment including vintage, hipsters and people taking selfies. The campaign is getting them good online traction because the topics are so trendy right now but I would worry that the jokes are a little too obvious. The whole hipsters being written about on chalk boards, being in ads and every other form of society probably means that hipsters could be in danger of no longer being cutting edge. They’ll all have to go back to being clean shaved and wearing decent


7 Gadgets That Never Made It

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There seems to be a new ‘must have’ gadget in the market daily these days. Crowdfunder sites like Kickstarter encourage the young creatives to come up with a must have product that fills a niche. But many of these projects are tipped for success and never hit the ground running. And sometimes its a case of great idea, wrong time. Here’s our list of 7 gadgets that never made it. 7. Razor Phone This Chinese cellphone brand Shave Mobile thought they were coming up with, ahem, cutting edge technology when they introduced this phone into the market place in 2009.


WIN An iPhone 6 Plus With Lovin Trends

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