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Dyson Billboard

Are Dyson About To Launch A Robot Vacuum?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, its a complete guessing game right now. Dyson, the world leaders for vacuums yesterday released this video only giving tiny hints as to whats to come, Dyson Project N223. Dyson pride themselves in engineering products such as vacuums, heaters, hand-dryers (seen in many airports and shopping malls) and blade-less fans that work better than their predecessors. Question is, are Dyson entering the robot wars? (more…)

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The Jero – A £4,500 Portable “Home”

In the Western world we tend to spend a small fortune on houses and structures in general. For years the nomadic people of Central Asia had a much better solution though called a Yurk which served them well in all sorts of land and climates. The smart folk over at Jero have taken that concept and given it a nice modern slant. Their 21st century Yurk can be assembled in minutes, is flat packed weighing just 110kg and costs £4.500. The guys behind it say it is perfect for a spare room, to take with you on holidays or even to use at festivals. We love the idea of this and can see this getting seriously popular. Beautiful simple and elegant design as well.

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Ralph Lauren Get Into Wearable Tech With New T Shirt

So it looks as though Apple are going to launch their new iWatch on the 9th of September but that hasn't stopped pretty much every company on the planet trying to get a head start on the competition with new wearable tech devices. We've seen watches, glasses, shoes and the latest effort is a T Shirt from the most unlikely of sources...Ralph Lauren. It does all sorts of fancy stuff and links up with your smartphone but we see this for what it really is... a marketing stunt. Will millions of people really buy this? Nope. Will it get lots of attention, free media coverage and sharing on social media? Yep. Good marketing especially with ball boys at the US Open set to wear them.

Heineken Quiet Please

Heineken Smash It As US Open Sponsors

One of my favourite marketing strategies is when brands hijack big sporting events. And this week brands are spending big money on piggy backing the US Open. A great example of this from one of their main sponsors, Heineken with their 'Quiet Please' viral campaign. Tennis and golf are similar in the fact that they expect their spectators to remain quiet during the sport. In this clever video, Heineken play on this and they've aced it (don't mind the pun). (more…)

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 20.58.48

How Robots Will Eventually Take Your Job – No Matter What It Is

We've all seen movies like iRobot and have a good idea that at some stage in the future robots will do a lot of our jobs for us. What we perhaps don't realise is just how soon that will be and that it is in fact happening all around us today. This brilliant video will shape your thinking on robots and just what is happening with their software eating the world...

Mtn Dew

Mountain Dew’s Bizarre New Mascot

Mountain Dew, known as Mtn Dew in the States is a well known carbonated drinks brand which is owned by Pepsi Co. Last night they broadcasted a series of hilariously bizarre mini shorts during the ad breaks for the MTV VMAs in California. They've created a new brand mascot, a little 'dewd' that's seen doing various stunts to promote their campaign #DoTheDew. To be honest, the concept is totally ridiculous and extremely basic (apparently most of the content was shot using an iPhone). But what I love most about these mini mini episodes is the nostalgia they bring. They remind me of the TV commercials of the 1990's- when mixing media like film and cartoon was so high tech, think Roger Rabbit and you'll know exactly what I mean. (more…)

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 19.17.58

Hand Painted Advertising – The Big New York Trend

I love watching advertising trends emerge and many of the things I spot come from New York before finding their way across the world over the next couple of years. This weekend I spotted tons of really cool hand painted advertising billboards. I spotted the same Golf campaign all across the city as it was painted and it looked absolutely stunning. You'll probably say this is nothing new because people paint ads all the time in cities but this sort of mass reach campaign with one central message is. The billboards are so stunningly beautiful that you stop and look at them no matter how busy you are. People take photos. This is immersive advertising and this trend will explode over the coming years. Look out for it in a city near you soon.