Beats By Dre, LeBron James And Hozier Combine For Epic Advert

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Sometimes you see a piece of advertising that is absolutely iconic and this new BEATS advert ticks all the boxes. It is the story of LeBron coming back to Cleveland after years away but what makes it for us is the up and coming mega star from Ireland Hozier. One of the most iconic songs of the year makes this a rocking piece of advertising. Love it.


The Sickest Airbnb Listings Across The Globe

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Hotels are grand if you lack imagination or prefer to have everything done for you when you’re taking a short break or going on holidays (vacation). But some of us like to submerge ourselves into the ethos of a city, avoid tourist traps or find unique places to brag about on social or just to be self-sufficient. If you’re more like the latter then Airbnb is the perfect service for you. Its also super handy when travelling in large groups for convenience sake. Taking an Airbnb listing in your chosen destination can work out way cheaper than booking a hotel


15 Airline Meals From Around The World

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Most of us fly at least a couple of times a year and it is safe to say that the food is one of the parts of the experience that we look forward to the least. Some airlines do it better than others and to highlight the vast different levels of quality we thought we’d show you some examples from the various different countries. Which one would you go for? 1.American Airlines You’d have to say that this looks like a giant plate of slop. Straight to dessert with the bread roll as a side looks like the only option.


This Device Makes Cheap Whiskey Taste Oak Aged In 24 Hours


I’m a massive fan of whiskey- All I drink is Jameson, ginger ale and lime so you can imagine my reaction when I stumbled across this Kickstarter project. This device makes cheap whiskey taste oak aged in 24 hours. My dream come true. 


Meet The Cat That Is Constantly Surprised


Banye is a gorgeous little cat who lives with his owner in China but once small shade of fur just below his lip means he is quickly turning into an internet star. No matter what he does he looks surprised. You can’t look through these photos and not have a huge smile on your face! Source


Photographer Takes Moving Photos Of Senior Dogs


I don’t know about you but I always feel moved but older dogs who just seem super vulnerable as they enjoy the autumn of their lives. Photographer Pete Thorne has captured a series of portraits called “Old Faithful” that looks at dogs as they live out their golden years. He is running the series here on Instagram and we’d encourage you to follow him. Looking through them fills us with joy knowing they’ve lived great lives but also delivers immense sadness knowing they are in their final months and years. Truly great photography should be moving and this certainly is.


Need Cash? Human ATMs Will Soon Deliver Your Money On Demand

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We are in a world dominated by online ordering systems and card services. Credit and debit cards make transactions easy and our wallets streamlined but sometimes all we need is cash but finding the nearest ATM can be a bit of a pain in the bollix and most of us are innately lazy. Problem solved, Nimbl is now launching a service which enables users to make ATM style transactions mobile, by having human helpers deliver your cash on demand.


Volkswagen Use Twitter For Brilliant Polo Test Drive Campaign

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Getting potential customers into a car is incredibly hard for auto makers and something that they try all sorts of marketing stunts to help achieve. The latest from Volkswagen in South Africa (via their agency Ogilvy) is a brilliant social game that uses Twitter to make the whole experience of having a test drive great fun. Super results and an innovative take on the boring test drive.


7 Hacks To Help You Avoid The Flu As We Head Into Winter


It’s that time of the year again where people start dropping like flies and getting super sick as the weather transitions brutally from nice mild days to ice cold. You probably think that getting the flu is something that is out of your control and up to luck but these simple life hacks will help you ensure that you’ve taken every possible precaution and will mean you never miss another day staying in bed feeling sorry for yourself. 1.Get The Flu Vaccine You probably think that this is something that only older people should be getting (and they certainly should