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Ex-Facebook Staff Create Game Changing Wine Scanning App

When it comes to wine most of us don't have a clue where to start. We've all been in the off license picking a bottle based on it either being white or red or simply looking at the price. Things get even more complicated when you hit a restaurant where the wine list can be a serious minefield. A new app from Ex Facebook engineers looks like it could be the answer we have all been looking for. Although there are tons of wine scanning apps they usually rely on scanning the label or barcode but this app lets you scan the menu itself and gives you a full break down on quality, user reviews and what the bottle should ideally cost. It is called Wineglass and it feels like the sort of app that every diner in the world could soon have in their pockets.

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This Agency Attempts To Create “Unskippable” Pre-Roll YouTube Ad

We happily sit through TV ads because it is an unwritten agreement that we are met with them every 15 minutes. But online consumers are not so forgiving. Lets face it, we all hate ads online, no matter where they appear: footer ads on your smart phones, ugly banner ads on your favourite sites and those extremely annoying pre-roll ads on YouTube that have you jumping tabs just to skip them. I hate ads, so much that we don't sell advertising space on Lovin Dublin and our readers love the clean, approachable banner-free site that they have chosen to visit without a brand shoving their campaigns down their throats.

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The World’s First Family Robot – Jibo

Movies have told us that robots are on the way for decades and that eventually they'll take over lots of aspects of our daily lives and nearly become part of the family. Well it looks as if that day could be pretty close with the launch Jibo. It is yet another project that has started it's life through crowdfunding but with a serious team of engineers behind it from MIT it looks like it could be the real deal and it certainly looks like a very friendly little chap to say the least.

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16 Year Old Girl Captures Remarkable Vine Videos From Gaza War

Every night before I go to sleep I'll read the days news on my phone for 15 minutes. Last night I spotted a girl on Twitter sharing Vine videos from the middle of Gaza that is one of the most incredible cases of citizen journalism I've ever seen. The war over there is savage and the only thing that comes close to it's severity is the PR war battle forged by both sides and with journalists not always able to get the full story out it can be hard to know what to believe. Young Farah though was using Twitter's Vine tool to tell the story sharing live videos as flares lit up the sky, you could hear drones circling and then the thud of bombs exploded around her. As I lay in my comfy bed in a peaceful Dublin suburb I've never felt as connected to somebody in a war zone or able to understand the terror of it so well.


Meet Sense – The Ultimate Gadget For Improving Your Sleep

Getting better sleep is something that we all struggle with on a daily basis. We've seen a huge bunch of apps that could solve the problem but this new kickstarter campaign looks like a really interesting concept. They've raised a million in a few days which means that this should come to market pretty quickly. Everything about this feels like an Apple product even down to the fact that the English CEO has clearly perfected the Johnny Ive product launch video. Uncanny!

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Why Reddit Could Ultimately Challenge Facebook And Twitter

I've been using Reddit for 7 years. I started to drift over to it when Digg went to shit around the time that suers shifted en masse and links started getting shared on Facebook and Twitter and RSS become less relevant. While many would have expected Reddit to hit the deadpool in the same way that Digg has it has actually grown from strength to strength. It is now such an important community that even President Obama will do AMA (Ask me anything) Q+A sessions there and the site has been know to sway opinion on any number of subjects all over the world. Despite the growth I've always felt that it was a niche techie community but something has been happening over the last 18 months that is pushing Reddit into a global media player. It is part owned now by Conde Nast (although they are very hands off) and such is the importance of Reddit that it is already a fire house for media around the world who tap into the community but it might be set to become something even bigger. Here is why Reddit could become the most important resource for the media in coming years...

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Naked Dancing Stunt Is All Kinds Of Epic

I do love a good one take video stunt and this is one of the best I've seen in a while. Vh1 launched it to promote their new dating show and it features a bunch of people stripping off and dancing around a shopping foyer. Everything is blurred out which is a good job given some of the exposed positions people find themselves in! I'll leave it up to you guys to go and find the uncensored version because if I know the internet like I think I do it probably exists...

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Smarty Pins – The Fun Google Game That Makes You Smarter

There is an argument that the web is making us all a little dumber as we stay glued to our smartphones and tablets every single spare second we have. One new game that Google have launched however will quickly help improve your geography with quiz based on their Google maps product. It is highly addictive and although it is clearly aimed at promoting the accuracy of their maps you'll find yourself learning a bunch and spending loads of time trying to get a gold medal. The best I could get in 20 minutes was a silver medal so give it a go and see if you can beat that! Fair play to Google for coming up with a game on the internet that makes us all smarter. This sort of thing could easily be expanded to teach kids in school in a modern way.