Unlocking Every iPhone Ever Made In One Go

Hard to believe that the iPhone is about 7 years old at this stage and despite lots of different iterations the method for unlocking it has always been the same. This video shows every version right up to the largest 6 plus that has just been released being unlocked. Slick.

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10 Trends Marketers Simply Can’t Ignore Looking Into 2015 And Beyond

I used to do these posts on a regular basis back in the Simply Zesty days and I thought it would be worth having another look at the trends today that marketers simply can't ignore. With social very well established and everybody aware of the importance of mobile these two technologies are now having very deep and drastic effects on multiple industries pulling cash out of some, destroying others and at the same time opening up huge opportunities for new companies. 2014 is as exciting a time as ever for marketers but the noise and huge variety of options is posing another challenge. Here are the 10 major trends...


Never Spill Your Coffee Again With Mighty Mug

So by this stage we've all agreed that none of us can function without our beloved coffees, matcha green teas or power juices. They come with us everywhere almost like pets- our morning commute, our desks, our couches but the one thing we cannot guarantee is that our precious drops won't get spilled. And for me, the World's clumsiest person this is an everyday fight. I'm such a klutz and I'm constantly knocking over my coffee cups and mugs of tea. Worst of all within inches of my MacBook. One Kickstarter project promises to revolutionise all mugs forever. Meet Mighty Mug, the mug that won't fall over.

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Stunning Slow Motion “Syrian Reverse” Video Hopes To Speed Up End Of Campaign

As advertisements go this one is as beautifully shot and stylized as anything you'd see for a new car or the latest watch but the message they are trying to get across is much less glamorous. Created by the Syria campaign it shows a bomb landing in slow motion while everything plays out in reverse. It certainly gets you thinking and rather than just hope for an end to the campaign they hope for a better end. Great advertising.

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Virtual Reality Comes To The iPad Mini With Ridiculous Looking New Device

We've all laughed at people holding up their iPads taking photos or using things like selfie sticks but things are about to go to a new level of looking stupid with the emergence of virtual reality. Most people have heard of the Facebook acquired company Oculus and can get their head around that. A new kickstarter campaign has launched the most ridiculous looking new tech in the history of the world. I don't care what you can see inside nobody should ever have an iPad strapped to their face. What about taking it off and just walking around the real world instead?

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Ralph Lauren Run Stunning 4D Projection For Fashion Week

Fashion Week always sees a bunch of new innovations when it comes to marketing, tech and social media as the brands try to outdo each other. Looks like Ralph Lauren won the buzz in New York this year with this stunning 4D projection in central park that brought a fashion show to a whole new dimension. It was so real that most people had their phones in the air the whole time filming it. The key here is that the campaign spreads from the real world all over online opening it to a whole new audience. Impressive.

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The Social Network For Millionaires That Costs $9000 To Join

A new social network wants to become an "online country club" and is so exclusive that it will cost $9000 just to get a username. Unlike most social services like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter which are free and supported by advertising Netropolitan only wants the elite people in the world who can afford it to flock there. The man behind this crazy idea is James Touchi-Peters, a Minneapolis-based orchestra conductor and composer who found social networks too busy and couldn't find any common ground to network with people at his level. What the actual fuck? While the idea has some merits and I'm sure business people, stars and the rest of the 1% would love to network in their own social network utopia without us rif raf the fact is that nobody is going to pay $9000 to join. What he will do is get a ton of PR from sights covering this but I'd say he'd be lucky to get one user out of it all.