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Naked Dancing Stunt Is All Kinds Of Epic

I do love a good one take video stunt and this is one of the best I've seen in a while. Vh1 launched it to promote their new dating show and it features a bunch of people stripping off and dancing around a shopping foyer. Everything is blurred out which is a good job given some of the exposed positions people find themselves in! I'll leave it up to you guys to go and find the uncensored version because if I know the internet like I think I do it probably exists...

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Smarty Pins – The Fun Google Game That Makes You Smarter

There is an argument that the web is making us all a little dumber as we stay glued to our smartphones and tablets every single spare second we have. One new game that Google have launched however will quickly help improve your geography with quiz based on their Google maps product. It is highly addictive and although it is clearly aimed at promoting the accuracy of their maps you'll find yourself learning a bunch and spending loads of time trying to get a gold medal. The best I could get in 20 minutes was a silver medal so give it a go and see if you can beat that! Fair play to Google for coming up with a game on the internet that makes us all smarter. This sort of thing could easily be expanded to teach kids in school in a modern way.

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IKEA Launch Brilliant Campaign “Website” Within Instagram

Instagram has over 200 million users and unlike Twitter and Facebook which are packed full of brands trying campaigns and lots of advertising the photo sharing site feels a lot more "open" with bigger opportunities for brands to stand out. That is exactly what IKEA did in Russia by using the tag ikea_ps_2014 (will only work effectively on mobile) allowing them to effectively build their own catalogue website within the photo sharing app. Brilliant bit of marketing and very like the campaigns you saw in the early days of Facebook before it became "pay to play". Good reach as well and ticks the important consumer channel of mobile. IKEA PS: Instagram Website from Instinct on Vimeo.

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Nike Launches Innovative Vending Machine Campaign In NYC

Vending machine campaigns are nothing new but Nike have come up with a unique way of marketing their products, giving away free stuff and keeping you fit at the same time. Across NYC this week vending machines have been popping up that don't use cash to release products but instead trade in Nike Fuel points. These are the points you wrack up when doing exercise and wearing one of Nike's fuel bands. It doesn't matter how many points you have accumulated because the free stuff only gets handed over based on how many you have that given day. So while you can get loads of free stuff you are going to have to work for it. Ties into the brand perfectly and sure to get people talking. Love it! Get the full story here... Nike’s Secret New York Vending Machine Trades Free Swag For FuelBand Points


The Slate Mobile AirDesk – The Product Every Man Needs

I don't know about you but I spend a lot of time on my laptop in the evenings watching TV and it causes me multiple problems. Not only is it massively uncomfortable, hot on the private areas and sore on the back but it also slows me down in my work flow. Luckily Sean sent me a link to the Slate mobile airdesk which couple be the solution to all our problems. You might even say it looks a bit too good to be true and ticks too many boxes? I know it sounds a bit sexist saying only men should use this but it does have a bit of a "toys for big boys" feel about it and I can't see too many women being this geeky? Maybe I'm wrong. Looks slick to me anyway!

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Google Glass Competition Winner

Man I've had a seriously hard time judging this competition. I thought the voting would really help with the public getting involved but as with all voting competitions all sorts of unusual things were going on. The problem here is that all the entries were so good and any of them could have won. I decided to ask 10 friends to name their favourite three, along with my own opinion, the votes and online feedback and the winner is in..

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Google Glass Competition Short List

So last week I decided to give away my Google Glass as a competition prize. All people had to do was come up with a really innovative way of promoting the book in an innovative way. The entries blew my mind in terms of the effort people went to and the brilliant things they came up with. There were so many good ones that it seems wrong to leave any of them out but I had to cut the list down somehow. What I've done is get it down to the 4 that I thought were best in terms of creativity and shown them below. I already have them in order in my own head as to who will win but I thought I'd ask the public to rank them as well because I was finding it so hard to pick a winner out of them. I'll announce the final winner from these 4 on Thursday morning at 11.

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Win A Pair Of Google Glass

I have a pair of Google Glass that I want to give away. They are the latest tech gadget that all early adopters want and priced at $1500 they are very hard to get your hands on. I'll post my brand new pair (1 month old) to anybody in the world and all you have to do is help promote my new book. It is a great chance to get your hands on the tech and give it an early spin. Here is how to win them.

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Get Sh*T Done Book Launch – Photos

Last night I launched my book in the Button Factory. I wanted to do things very differently and get people inspired to get even better shit done with their lives. I invited 4 people who inspire me on a daily basis with the remarkable things they achieve to share their stories. Emmet O'Neill, Eamon Leonard, Marissa Carter and Jamie Heaslip shared their stories and it hopefully inspired people to go out and think even bigger than we all already do.


The Get Sh*t Done Book Launch

Despite writing this book being one of the hardest things I've ever done I knew that the promotion of it would be even harder. I always wanted to do things differently and with that in mind I wanted to launch it in a unique way. Rather than have a stuffy launch party with canapes and a select group of journalists I wanted to hack together something completely different. The result is a launch this Thursday in the Button Factory for 300 people. For a tenner you'll get...