Start-Up Hike

Start-Up Hiking Is The New Way To Network

There's no denying that the landscape and mechanic of how we do business has changed dramatically in the last decade. Our parents all conducted business in boardrooms wearing suits and closed deals with handshakes. The tech industry has massively contributed to this recent shift. There are hundreds and thousands of start-ups globally and millions of creative entrepreneurs working with devs on ground-breaking concepts and apps, and most of this happens remotely. Offices with cubicles are a thing of the past for many.

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Nike And Ferrari Team Up To Create Epic New Air Jordan Trainers

You probably won't find two more iconic brands in the world than Nike and Ferrari and the two giants have teamed up to create a slick new pair of trainers. They've also thrown the Air Jordan brand into to the mix to launch these slick shoes that go on sale on September the 16th. We have to be realistic and say that very few of us are ever going to be able to afford one of their cars but this is nearly as good. Only problem is they'll set you back $200. Sign us up!

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Growth Hack – How To Download Your Connections’ Email Addresses From Linkedin

I don't know about you but I think that Linkedin has a horrendous UI and is nearly impossible to use at times. The web version is especially painful and one big issue that I have is messaging all the people back who get in contact with me. It is often so painful that I just give up. I prefer to take the conversation into email as quickly as possible if it is relevant to me.


I Watched A Six Minute Long Snapchat Advert And Loved It

Anybody using Snapchat over the weekend will have spotted a special story that featured lots of content coming from the Electric Zoo festival in New York. There was a public story which featured at least 6 minutes of snaps that were submitted by festival goers and was part of their new product launch. This is the 3rd time Snapchat have tested this feature (they also had one at the world cup in Rio) and it is safe to assume it is related to their monetization strategy. The stories are submitted only by people attending the event based on location, then hand curated by Snapchat themselves and shared with the world. Although this isn't a public ad platform yet it is safe to assume that some money changed hands to give the festival founders a chance to reach a global audience and make their festival uber cool with a new younger generation. It worked. I'd never heard of the festival before yesterday but I watched the entire snap an at over 300 seconds that is some achievement for an advert today. It made me want to attend and I've spent the day researching tickets for next year. Tomorrowland have been very successful in using their Youtube videos for marketing and this is a natural extension for a festival with users creating the content adding huge credibility. The bigger issue for Snapchat is scaling this because it is one thing doing it for one of the coolest music festivals around but quite another for say a car sales conference. A nice first step though with a completely new advertising format which I love.

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Coca Cola Recycle Their Bottles With Super Smart New Campaign

Coca Cola are master at marketing their product in hundreds of different ways and this campaign from China really is a remarkable piece of marketing. They provided consumers with a bunch of add ons that turn their bottles into pencil sharpeners, flower watering sprays, painting tools and even water guns. The brilliant thing here is that the bottles take on a whole new life after you drink the Coke and people use them in their daily life giving them a feel good aspect to the brand. Very smart marketing indeed.


For Lotto Winners Only – First Class Etihad Residence

Traveling on a plane is a massive pain in the arse for us all but something that most of us have to do at least a couple of times a year. We've spotted these new cabins from Etihad though that take the whole experience to a whole new level and have us all determined enough to get super rich and to be able to afford them. Personal butlers, a full bed, a shower and luxury leather couches. This looks so good that you wouldn't actually want to get off the plane but this experience will cost you about $20,000 for a long flight instead of the roughly $40,000 it would take to charter a private jet. Sounds like good value to us if you are a billionaire and saving a few quid as well!


15 Quite Brilliant Pieces Of Advertising

It can feel at times like we are being bombarded by millions of shitty ads but sometimes agencies and brands go a step above everything else and create some remarkable pieces of marketing that simply have to be shared. These 15 billboards and print ads are as good as you'll ever see and deserve to be shared.

Dyson Billboard

Are Dyson About To Launch A Robot Vacuum?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, its a complete guessing game right now. Dyson, the world leaders for vacuums yesterday released this video only giving tiny hints as to whats to come, Dyson Project N223. Dyson pride themselves in engineering products such as vacuums, heaters, hand-dryers (seen in many airports and shopping malls) and blade-less fans that work better than their predecessors. Question is, are Dyson entering the robot wars? (more…)