Watch Nike’s History In 3 Minutes

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Undoubtedly my favourite brand to ever exist (Red Bull comes is a close 2nd), Nike still remain the World’s most valuable brand. From The Swoosh to sweatshops, see how Nike have managed to stay on top in this epic 3 minute video.


The Best Photo Of A Squirrel Wearing A Pumpkin You Will Ever See


British photographer Max Ellis (check his work here) is a bit of a genius when it comes to taking staged shots but even he couldn’t have thought this series of shots would turn out this good. The Halloween squirrel is equal parts scary and cute at the same time and rest assured that no animals were harmed in the process of this shoot!!


Awesome Video Showcases New LED Custom Ski Suits

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When the mornings get a bit crisper all the snow bunnies amongst us start to get excited with the prospect of a few days in the Alps.  I’ve had the privilege of night skiing a few times, under lights and under a full moon in A Basin Colorado.  It was a 2 hour hike and a 10 minute ride that I’ll never forget.  It screws with your senses and feels much faster than in day light.  The guys from Sweetgrass Productions have just taken skiing in the dark to a whole different level with this awesome video that showcases new LED


Surfing Video Shot At 1000 FPS Will Blow Your Mind

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We’ve all seen amazing surf videos of them catching huge waves or riding the barrel but you’ll never see a better one than this shot at 1000 FPS using the latest equipment. The skill, fund and sheer awesomeness of it all makes us want to go out and pick up a surfboard right now! Insane. SURFING @ 1000 FRAMES PER SECOND from Chris Bryan on Vimeo.


I’m Lovin It! McDonald’s Pop-Up Restaurant

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I don’t know what it is, a chemical reaction in my brain or just pure nostalgia, but every time and I mean EVERY TIME I see the Golden Arches I immediately stop what I’m doing and head straight towards them. This is an insanely good marketing campaign from agency DDB Australia they’ve created a McDonald’s pop-up restaurant!


GoPro Attached To Whiskey Bottle Is Most Original Wedding Video Ever

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We’ve seen GoPros used in all shapes and forms and one happy couple came up with a whole new take on the traditional wedding video by attaching one to a rather large bottle of whiskey. It certainly beats having to sit through the normal snooze fest that is a traditional wedding video that will only ever be watched by the happy couple or during divorce proceedings. The clarity of the video is insane and shot in full HD showing everyone’s faces in great detail as they struggle to drink the huge bottle! Brilliant idea!


Watch Bubbles Freeze in HD

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Watch bubbles freeze in HD in this new commercial from Sony which showcases their new BRAVIA 4K TV in HD. It was shot in Whistler, Canada and the ad is set to a cover of Rihanna’s “Diamonds” sung by Josef Salvat.


Air New Zealand Create The Host Epic Safety Video Ever

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When we fly most of us switch off during the safety briefing as we’ve all heard it a million times. Air New Zealand have figured a way around that while at the same time creating a wonderful piece of marketing. Their new safety video is based on the Hobbit movie and features some of the stars and will without doubt keep passengers tuned into the entire briefing. Smart.


These New White High Tops From Nike Are Stunning


Nike recently released their Nike KD VII Lifestyle kicks but they’ve just taken things to the next level with a new version that are coming out on the 31st October and made from oestrich leather. You’ll be able to buy them here when they do go live. Sign us up!


10 Unintentionally Perverted Kids Toys

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Ah to be young and innocent again. Our favourite childhood toys came in many forms. I’m an 80’s kid and I truly believe that we were blessed with the best toys- first generation Nintendos, Gameboys and SEGA games consoles but we also took great pride in our “made in China” battery powered plastic whatnots. With youth comes innocence and as we got a bit older, our once treasured toys seemed to remind us of well, adult pleasures. A complete mind fuck if you ask me considering adults are the ones who developed these devices. Without further ado lets get down to